Need fresh eyes?

We help bands & non-profits connect fans & good causes in meaningful ways.

Lokahi takes big ideas and makes them tangible.

We can boil the concept down to a tee-shirt...and make it look & do good.

Who we are

Lokahi creates, produces, activates and manages innovative campaigns.

We are known for our work in concert outreach/fan engagement, field campaigns, messaging, volunteer training & organizing, marketing, event planning, education and strategic planning.

We are field and community organizers.
Brand ambassadors.
Peer based influencers.

We’ve been called lots of different things, but at our core, what we are all about is simple: helping our clients build support through the power of peer based influence, and generating support for some of the most important causes and organizations working today.

What we do

We take the theoretical and make it tangible and real.

Lokahi is a resource for organizations and non-profits that need a means to create, implement & manage engagement programs that can build them support.

Lokahi provides bands & artists with a means of taking their desire to engage in causes they care about into something fans can get involved with.

We are also a resource for the volunteers we work with, providing a link between passion and concern for an issue, and hands on involvement with a movement.

From our concert outreach work to our organizing on college campuses and community engagement programs, we work day in and day out to plug people into roles that help shape our world for the better.

We have recruited over half a million people for global poverty & health related campaigns over the past several years, helped to register over 100,000 voters, have worked with close to 7,000 volunteers, raised over half a million dollars, and increased paid membership for one of our partners by over 3,000 members.

But our work isn’t limited to scale and quantity. We strive to make each of those interactions as meaningful as possible: training our teams and volunteer thoroughly, creating collateral materials that connect and constantly evaluating and re-examining our work.

We create and run sustainable, cost effective programs that have a positive impact on all involved.

What's in a name

Lokahi means ‘unity’ in Polynesian. We have long been attracted to the idea of finding better ways to integrate - unify - various aspects of our culture for the larger social good. The word ‘lokahi’ comes from the phrase ‘aloha’, and idea of expressing unity in harmony.

We have come to enjoy having a somewhat weird name that people are never quite sure how to pronounce. And it looks pretty cool on a tee-shirt.

Thanks for checking out what we do. Please feel free to contact us to learn more!