Hearts Haiti

Volunteer at a show

Join Arcade Fire in building support for Haiti during the 2014 Reflektor Tour! We are now accepting volunteer applications for the spring and summer tour dates!

Stand Up For Haiti

Arcade Fire are long time supporters of the important work of Kanpe and Partners in Health, creating spaces at their concerts to educate fans about the work that these organizations do. The band has long been involved with and supportive of the efforts in Haiti to create long lasting, sustainable prosperity there.

Arcade Fire has worked extensively with Partners in Health over their entire career, and during the Suburbs Tour, become involved with Kanpe, a Canadian based NGO that helps Haitian families find sustainable means out of poverty.

$1 from each ticket

The band donates $1 from each and every ticket they sell to this cause, and features their "Arcade Fire Hearts Haiti" set up at all of their shows so that fans can learn more and become engaged & involved.

Kanpe & PIH

Partners in Health is a world renowned non-profit organization co-founded by Dr. Paul Farmer in 1987. The organization works in 13 different countries and regions around the world, and is best know for the work it does in Haiti, having been in the country for nearly thirty years. In the aftermath of the devastating January 2010 earthquake and the recent cholera outbreak, the need for PIH's innovative, smart work is greater than ever. Learn more by visiting the PIH website.

Kanpe is a new, Canadian based non-profit that works with Haitian families on a community level, connecting them with the resources they need - health, education, financing - to find sustainable ways out of poverty. Dr. Farmer sits on the board of the organization, which partners with PIH and Fonkoze. Learn more about Kanpe on their website.

What volunteers do

Volunteers arrive about 90 minutes prior to the doors opening to fans. They undergo a training session that explains what the project is all about, and how to talk to fans about it! Some volunteers will be helping with our photo booth, some handling merchandize, and some will be focused on engaging and talking to fans about Haiti.

No special skills are needed to volunteer - just a commitment and passion for the work of PIH and Kanpe, and the ability to get out there and talk to people!

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below. Please note that there are only a few spots available for volunteers at each show; volunteer applications will be reviewed in the order they are received, and we will work to notify you of your application status at least two weeks prior to the show. Each application can be used for just one person; if you would like to volunteer with a friend, be sure each person fills out an application, and make note of your desire to work together in the ‘why do you want to volunteer’ section.

Check out our blog for photos and stories of our volunteers at work from previous tours.

Feel free to contact us with specific questions.

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